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The governor of Alabama called a special session of the Legislature to consider changes  in the state¡¯s strict immigration  law. The day before the special session, the Legislature passed a new provision requiring the state to publish the names of illegal immigrants  every time they appeared in court for any violation of state  law. The governor wanted the lawmakers to repeal this provision and to end the requirement that  schools check the immigration  status of students. When they met in special session, the Legislature rejected the governor¡¯s changes. Instead, they went even further by  enacting a new section requiring the state to publish photos  in addition to the names of immigrants appearing in court. Although he said he had concerns about the law, the  governor signed  the bill. He said, ¡°The Legislature did not have the appetite for addressing further revisions at this time.¡± The United States Justice Department has  sued Alabama, stating that the law is  unconstitutional. The fate of the Alabama law is tied to the outcome of the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on the restrictive immigration law  of Arizona. That ruling is expected in June. The New York Times )

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